Best Face Scrubs for Indian Men in 2020( All skin types)

Men’s in India mostly didn’t care about their skin. They think that Face scrubs and Face Creams are only products for women. But, that’s wrong. Men’s skin needs equal care and Face Scrubs for Indian Men is one of the major part of proper skincare. Face Scrubs helps to deep clean skin impurities that Face washes can’t do. It helps to protect from Premature ageing, Blackheads and Helps to Lighten Dark Spots. In the picture below you can see how to face scrub remove impurities from Face.

Choosing the best Face Scrubs for Indian Men in the market is very difficult. Mainly Best face scrub for you depends on various factors like your skin type, Ingredients in face scrubs are not allergic to you, Type of skin routine you follow, Area where you live and much more. We have talked about all these Factors at the end of the article so stay tuned.

In this article, we from are going to help you to find best face scrub according to your skin type and other factors. We highly recommend you to read the full article to understand about best face scrubs.

Firstly we will talk about 5 best face scrubs for oily and combination skin and normal skin, then 5 best face scrubs for dry skin and then 5 best face scrubs for sensitive skin. So let’s get started.

5 Best Face Scrubs for Indian Men with oily skin, Combination skin and normal skin

Choosing Best face scrubs for Indian men with oily skin, Combination skin and normal skin is quite difficult. But we have Suggested Best Face scrubs for Oily skin, Combination skin and Normal and their Buying link where you can buy Face Scrub for you and take your skin quality to the next level

1.Beardhood Tan removal Face scrub ( with Moringa, Walnut Granules & Almond oil)

This face scrub is best for Indian men with oily skin. This Face scrub removes sun tan and dead cells caused by harmful UV rays and polluted environment. This face scrub powered with Natural ingredients like Moringa, Walnut granules, Almond oil and Glycerin which helps to get a glowing and even-toned skin. You can use this face scrub 2to3 times a week for amazing results. India is a country with heavy pollution and heavy sunlight. So this face scrub will help you to fight with Damage caused by UV rays and Harmful environment on the skin.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Beardhood
  • Price:- 250 Rupees for 100g
  • Key Ingredients:- Moringa, almond oil and walnut granules
  • Chemicals:- no chemicals
  • Availability:- online
  • Skin type:- Best for oily, combination and normal skin

2. Beardo Activated Charcol Deep Cleansing Face scrub

Beardo is a very popular brand for men in India. Their products are largely recommended by Skincare Specialists. Beardo’s Activated charcoal face scrub is also one of the best products from Beardo. This Face Scrub contains Power of Activated charcoal Which is considered as one of the best skin purifiers as Charcol attracts all the dust and dirt from the skin and Glycerin which is best for treating acne, Pimples and skin infection. The Fragrance of this face scrub is Awesome. Beardo claims that this face scrub is best in the Indian market for men with normal skin type. But this face wash is also best for oily skin as charcoal absorbs all the oil dirt, dust pollution from the skin. Use this face scrub 2 times a week to get a refreshing and polished skin.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Beardo
  • Price:- 297 Rupees for 100gm
  • Key ingredients:- Activated charcoal, Glycerin and Fragrance
  • Chemicals:- Free from Harsh Chemicals
  • Availability:- online and offline
  • Skin Type:- Normal skin, Oily skin and combination skin

3. Man Arden De-Tan Brightening face scrub ( with VitaminC )

If you want a face scrub which helps to Lighten the skin tone then this Face scrub is for you. This Face Scrub is powered with Vitamin C which is considered as best Skin Lightening Agent. This face Scrub Contains Ingredients like Tomato seed oil, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Licorice extract which helps to give you a brighter and even-toned skin tone. This face scrub also boosts the level of collagen( production of new cells) which will give you a more shiny and attractive face. If you are facing the problem of Dark spots then This face scrub can lighten them because it contains Aloe vera, Turmeric and oats powder which helps to lighten dark spots from the face.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Man Arden
  • Price:- 299 Rupees for 100ml
  • Key ingredients:- Vitamin C, Walnut shell and Oats powder
  • Chemicals:- Free from Harsh Chemicals
  • Availability:- Online and Offline
  • Skin type:- Oily and combination skin

4. .MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face scrub

This Face Scrub is powered with the power of Argan oil, Vitamin E, Coffee, Walnut and Hibiscus. This Face Scrub is made from Pure Arabica Coffee which is helpful to give a shine to the dull and tired face. Argan oil and Vitamin E contains Fatty acids which make the skin soft and improves skin Quality. Walnut and Hibiscus are perfect exfoliators to kick out Dead skin cells and Blackheads from the skin. From the very first use, you will see the shine and Glossynises like women on your face. This face scrub is best for Oily skin and Normal skin. This face scrub is a complete package for those who are facing dull and Tired skin. Give We recommended you to give this Scrub a try and you are going to see a major difference in your skin. This face Scrub is Free from Harsh chemicals Like SLS & Paraben.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- MCaffeine
  • Price:- 305 Rupees for 100gm
  • Key ingredients:- Raw coffee and Vitamin E
  • Chemicals:- SLS and Paraben free
  • Availability:- Online
  • Skin Type:- Oily to normal skin

5. Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub

Neutrogena is a very popular brand for Its skincare products. This Face scrub is best for you if you are facing Blackheads problem. Because this face scrub is powered with Blackhead Fighting Complex which helps to remove Blackheads and this is powered with salicylic acid and Cedarwood. Salicylic acid helps to remove pimples, acne and remove blackheads which will leave your skin clean and beautiful and Cedarwood helps to treat wounds, dark spots and acne. This face can be used by both men and women. If you are facing acne problem or Blackheads problem then you can go for this Face Scrub.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Neutrogena
  • Price:- 140 Rupees for 40gm
  • Key ingredients:- Salicylic acid and Cedarwood
  • Chemicals:- Free from Harsh Chemicals
  • Availability:- Online and Offline
  • Skin type:- For all skin type

5 Best Face Scrubs for Indian Men with Dry skin

Indian Men with dry skin face lot of difficulty while buying Face Scrubs. Because most of the Face Scrubs Makes their skin Dry. But we have listed best Face scrubs for Indian men which will not make your skin dry rather these scrubs will make your skin soft and smooth.

1.Biotique Bio Walnut purifying &Polishing Scrub

This Scrub is mainly for dry skin and normal skin. This Scrub Contains the power of Walnut oil, Vitamin A and neem, tulsi and red sandalwood. This face scrub is one of the best face scrubs for dry skin and normal skin. Walnut oil helps the skin to lighten and brighten, Neem and tulsi purifies the skin and help you to get relief from acne and pimples and red sandalwood is a natural skin brightening agent as it will give you an even-toned skin. This Scrub contains Ingredients which helps to exfoliate your skin and make it shinier. This face scrub can be used by both men and women.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Biotique
  • Price:- 133 Rupees for 50gm
  • Key ingredients:- Walnut oil, Vitamin A and Lecithin
  • Chemicals:- Ayurvedic Product
  • Availability:- Online and Offline
  • Skin type:- Dry skin and Normal Skin

2. Mermaid Kiwi fruit Scrub For Skin Whitening

If you are Looking for a natural Face scrub with nature power then this will be a good option for you. This Mermaid Face scrub is powered with the power of Kiwi fruit Extract. Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C, E and antioxidant. So this face Scrub will help you to Lighten and Brighten your skin as a Combination of Vitamins with antioxidants will make your skin glow like Diamond. This face scrub will remove dead skin cells, Eliminate blackheads and leave your skin soft and MOisturised. Antioxidants in Kiwi helps to fight ageing and Inta-inflammatory properties help to clear acne and pimples. This Face scrub will cost you around Rupees 189 for 300ml which is very cheap compared to other Scrubs.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Mermaid
  • Price:- 189Rupees for 300ml
  • Key ingredients:- Kiwi fruit extract
  • Chemicals:- free from Harsh chemicals
  • Availability:- Online
  • Skin type:- Dry skin and Sensitive skin

3. Khadi Mauri Charcol Face scrub

Khadi is a very popular brand for its natural products. Their charcoal face scrub is one of its kind. This Face Scrub is powered with Benefits of Pure charcoal. The Face scrub is 100% Ayurvedic as khadi products are made by village women’s in Lucknow. This face scrub helps you minimize open pores as Scrub buds and charcoal helps you to get a Flawless skin. This scrub helps you to improve Skin quality as this Scrub will add glow to your face Apricot present in this Facial Scrub helps to fade Dark spot and Blemishes. This is a Scrub which we recommended for you.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Khadi Mauri
  • Price:- 250Rupees for 100ml
  • Key Ingredients:- Charcol and Apricots
  • Chemicals:- 100% pure product from Khadi
  • Availability:- Online and Offline
  • Skin type:- All Skin Types

4. Men Deserve Activated Charcol Face Scrub( De- tan and Detox)

This brand is new. But the quality of their products is better than old and popular brands. This Face Scrub is powered with Activated Charcol, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3. Activated Charcol helps to absorb skin impurities and helps to lighten skin. Whereas Vitamin B3 helps to even the skin tone, Removes tan, Helps to fight acne and Pimples and remove Pigmentation and Vitamin E helps to remove black spots and Dark spots and soften and Brighten your skin. This face scrub can be used By all Skin Types. This Face scrub will not leave your skin dry. This Face Scrub is free from all harsh chemicals like Sulphate parabens and mineral oil.

  • Manufacturer:- Men Deserve
  • Price:- 320 Rupees for 115ml
  • key Ingredients:- Activated Charcol, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3
  • Chemicals:- Free from Parabens, Sulphates and Mineral oil
  • Availability:- Online
  • Skin type:- For all skin type

5. Everyuth Naturals Exfoliating Walnut Scrub

Everyuth natural face scrub with Walnut and Multivitamin A is best for moisturisation. This face Contains small granules of walnut shell which helps to deeply clean your skin which removes all the dust, dirt and pollution and gives you a refreshing and well-moisturized skin. Vitamin E in this scrub helps to give you a Flawless skin.

This face scrub will make your skin Shinier and smoother. This face scrub is easily available in the market and is very cheap. This Face Scrub is especially for those peoples who can’t afford so much. A small 10Ruppess pouch of this scrub is also available in the market if you want o give it a try and check if this suits you or not. But the main problem is that this face scrub contains paraben which can harm the skin. so if you didn’t have any problem with paraben then you can choose this Face Scrub.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Everyuth
  • Price:- 94Ruppess for 100Gm
  • Key ingredients:- Walnut granules and Vitamin e
  • Chemicals:- Parabens
  • Availability:- Online and offline
  • Skin type:- for all skin

5 Best Face Scrubs for Indian Men Sensitive skin

If you are choosing Face Scrubs for Indian men with sensitive skin then we from highly recommended you to go for Ayurvedic Scrubs only. Because other Scrubs contains some chemicals which can damage your skin

1.Mantra Peach and Saffron Himalayan Rock Salt Face Scrub

Mantra is a Bengaluru based startup company. Their products are not popular. But Quality of their products is Awesome. I recommended this scrub to one of my friends and he fell in love with this Scrub. This Facial Scrub has Power of Peach, Saffron and Rocksalt with Glycerin. Peach and Saffron are natural skin whitening Agents which helps to improve skin quality. Rock salt helps to exfoliate the skin, remove dark spots from face and helps to remove acne and pimples. Glycerin helps to fight skin imperfections and make skin Brighter. This face scrub is easily available in the market.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- mantra
  • Price:- 800 rupees for 100ml online( cheap in offline stores)
  • key ingredients:- Peach, Saffron and Himalayan Rock salt
  • Chemicals:- 101% Ayurvedic
  • Availability:- online and offline
  • Skin type:- sensitive and Normal skin

2. Bella Vita Organic Papaya Scrub

This Face Scrub is in the type of gel with granules. This Face scrub gel is Mainly effective for Pigmentation removal, Drak spots removal and other blemishes removal and acne removal. Main ingredients in this Face scrub are Papaya, Papaya Grit, Aloe vera, Almond oil, Vitamin C and Kaolin clay. This Face Scrub is specially made to remove Blemishes like sunspots, Freckles, Age spots and Acne pimple scars and make your skin more Lighter and Brighter. Papaya has many skin benefits as it is a natural skin Brightening agent and vitamin C also helps to make The Skin Glowing. Almond oil and Aloe vera are helpful to fade scars and Kaolin clay helps to purify the skin. If you can afford this scrub then It will be a good investment for you. This Face scrub cost you around 500 Rupees for 60gm. This Scrub is expensive because of its quality.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Bella Vitta
  • Price:- 500 rupees for 60gm
  • Key Ingredients:- Papaya and aloe vera
  • Chemicals:- Ayurvedic Product
  • Availability:- Online
  • Skin type:- for all skin types

3. Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub

Himalaya’s Apricot scrub is also a good option for sensitive skin. This Face scrub helps you to gently Remove Blackheads and dead skin cells from the skin. Main ingredients in this scrub are Wheatgerm oil, Vitamin E, Crab apple and antioxidants. This face scrubs deeply cleanses your skin and give it a youthful glow. Wheatgerm oil with Apricot works like magic on Men’s skin. This is a very Gentle Face Scrub. Crab apple in This scrub has anti-inflammatory pro[peties. It helps to remove dead cells and helps to fight premature ageing. wheatgerm oil boosts skin Elasticity and Glow. Apricot contains Beta-carotene which helps to give skin its natural glow. It is a cheaper option for those who can’t afford (Bella Vita and mantra face Scrub).

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Himalaya
  • Price:- 117Rupees for 100gm
  • Key ingredients:- Wheat germ oil, Vitamin E and Crab apple
  • Chemicals:- no chemicals
  • Availability:- online and offline
  • Skin type:- all skin type

4. Aroma Magic Mineral Glow scrub

This is another Natural Face Scrub for Indian men free from Paraben and SLS. This face scrub works on a triple-action formula made from cornflour and Grain almond. Cornflour helps to remove acne scars and dark spot and eliminate dead skin cells whereas Grain almonds are a very rich source of antioxidants helps to make skin clean and brighter. It further contains oils like tea tree oil, Lavender oil and rosehip oil which is considered as god gifted ingredients in skincare. Tea tree oil treats acne and pimples, Lavender oil remove impurities and unevenness on the skin and rosehip oil provide extraordinary fairness on skin. It is also a cheap option as 100ml of this face scrub costs around 142 Rupees.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Blossom Kochhar Beauty product ltd.
  • Price:- 142 Rupees for 100ml
  • key ingredients:- Cornflour and Grain almonds
  • Chemicals:- Free from harsh chemicals
  • Availability:- online and offline
  • Skin type:- All skin types

5. Patanjali Apricot face scrub

Patanjali is a well-trusted brand in India. All of us use Patanjali products in our day to day life. Patanjali Apricot and Aloe vera Scrub is best if you want a very cheap option as 60gm of this tube will cost you around 50rupees. As we have discussed earlier Apricots contains Vitamin A which helps the skin to fully moisturize and Aloe vera helps to remove dark spot and also helps to fight skin infections. This face scrub will give you a brighter and Glowing skin. This Face scrub will remove Dead skin and Give you a Blemish free skin. Aloe vera also helps to add glow on the face. Some studies also find that aloe vera if used daily, can give you a glass-like skin. This face scrub can be used by all skin types.

More information:-

  • Manufacturer:- Patanjali
  • Price:- 50Rupees for a 60gm tube
  • Key ingredients:- apricot and Aloe vera
  • Chemicals:- no chemicals
  • Availability:- online and offline
  • Skin type:- all skin types

How To Use Face Scrubs for Indian men

1. Firstly wash your Face with Lukewarm Water.

2. Pat dry your face with a clean towel

3. Apply the Face scrub all over the Face

4. Gently massage it for 10 min and then leave it for 5min

5. Wash it off

6. Use the face mask or good moisturizer to close pores

7. Now see the most handsome person in Mirror

Things to consider while choosing Face Scrub For Indian Men

  • Type of your skin:– Choose a product according to your skin. Buying products according to your skin benefits your skin 10times more than products not recommended or made for your skin. To know your skin type firstly wash your face and then don’t apply any cream or moisturizer. If oil comes all over on your face within 1 hour then your skin is oily, if oil comes only on your nose then your skin is combination skin, if your skin becomes itchy and dry if you did not apply cream then your skin is dry skin and if your skin did not become oily or dry after face wash then you have a normal skin.
  • Ingredients of face scrub:- If your skin is allergic to some products then plz check that in ingredients of face scrub or any other skincare product while buying any product. Because that product may contain that ingredient from which you are allergic.
  • In what type of environment you are living:- If you are living in a polluted environment then you have to do face scrub at least 2to 3 times a week but if you live in an unpolluted environment then you can do it 1 time a week or 1 time in 2weeks.
  • Type of life you are living:- If you are doing jobs like a door to door selling or travelling daily then you have to scrub 2times a week but if you are a househusband or a freelancer or work from then you can do it 1 time in 2weeks.

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