Best Jeans Brands in India 2020(Top Brands Featured)

Jeans play a major role in our day to day life. So before buying jeans one should always think twice as our one wrong decision can give rashes to the legs. So in this article, we are going to discuss the best jeans brands in India for both men and women.

People think that all top brand jeans are always the best, but that is not true. Not all top brands deliver the best quality to their customers. There are a lot of top brands whose quality of jeans are good but they are very expensive and not everyone can afford that.

So, in this article on the best jeans brands in India, we will discuss the brands which all can afford.

Things to Notice While Buying Jeans

  • Comfort:- Comfort plays a major role while buying jeans. As a normal person wears jeans regularly. If a person buys jeans whose inner cloth is not comfortable then it can give rashes and redness on legs. So be sincere while buying jeans.

  • Price:- Price plays a major role while buying jeans. In this article, we are going to discuss the best and most affordable brands.

  • Colour:- People who do not have any sense of styling and fashion buys a very odd colour of jeans like yellow or red. These colours are not for a decent person. So do not buy these colour of jeans.

  • First copy:- The last and the most important thing to notice while buying jeans is do not buy first copy jeans. As their denim quality is below average. People in hope that they are getting the quality of premium jeans at a low price is not true. So be aware

Now we are going to discuss some of the best jeans brands in India that can deliver the best quality to their customers.

Best Jeans Brands in India

1. Lee Cooper

Starting with a brand that is known for their best quality denim in the world. Lee Cooper is started in London in 1908. Lee Cooper’s denim is awesome.

They have a wide range of denim for tall guys, for short guys with each size and every Color.

If you want to check their collection visit their site to check out the latest trends in the world of fashion. They also have a wide range of t-shirts, belts and shirts.

Lee Cooper jeans are available on online shopping sites also. So if you want to check their collection then you can check it online.


best affordable jeans brand in india

Mufti, an Indian brand founded in 1998 in Mumbai. Today one of the most popular and best brands of clothing for men.

Mufti’s jeans are one of the best and most affordable jeans brands on this list. They have jeans for every body type like for tall guys or short guys with each and every colour and fabric.

Mufti has retailer of the year award 2019 as their denim become so much popular in the Indian market

They have a wide range of accessories, t-shirts and shoes. If you want to buy jeans with most affordable price then check mufti’s jeans.

3. Pepe Jeans

Pepe jeans, an English brand founded in 1973 mainly known their denim and casual wear.

It is a premium English brand. Their have a large variety of jeans like slim fit, skinny fit, relaxed fit and a lot more.

When coming to other products they have everything, from shirts to trousers, belts to wallets they have all. Their collection is available at shops and online sites.

4. Zara

A brand known by everyone Zara is one of the best brands. Their offline stores are readily opened everywhere. Founded in 1975 in Spain this brand has touched the height of success in a short time.

Zara has a wide variety of jeans with a lot of colours like black, blue and white. They have ripped jeans, plain jeans and a lot more designs.

Zara has expanded their stores to 96 countries and 2259 stores. Their quality of jeans are superb and the price is also affordable.

Their collection of jeans can be Buyed online also.

5.Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is the most trendy and stylish brand on this list. Started in 1968 this brand has the most designer jeans.

They have a wide range of slim fit jeans, ripped jeans etc. You can pair jeans with their t-shirts as they have a wide range of t-shirts also.

The main demerit about this brand is that their jeans are a little more expensive than other brands.

There are available also on Flipkart.

6. Levi’s

One of the most old brand in this is Levi’s. Started in 1853 Levi’s jeans are one of the most selling jeans in the world. Their have a wide variety of jeans and their quality of cloth is above all.

Levi’s has a wide of jeans like Bootcut jeans, slim fit etc in each every colour like black, blue etc.

They have introduced very new designs in the market which teens love to wear as it looks dashing when worn. Levi’s is one of the best brands of jeans in the world.

They have belts, boots and sneakers also. So if you want to pair your jeans and t-shirt with shoes then you can give a look at their collection.

7.Peter England

Peter England, an Indian brand by Aditya Birla group is next in our list of best jeans brands in India. It was founded 1889 in London to provide trouser to British soldiers. But in the year 2000 Aditya Birla group bought this company.

This brand does not have a lot of rugged jeans as it is a casual brand. But they have a lot of collection of slim fit jeans. They have a lot of collection in blue colour but they not have that great collection in other colours of jeans.

They have a wide range of t-shirts and shirts also. So if you want to buy jeans with a decent price then you give a look at this brand. Their online retailer is Flipkart.

8. Flying Machine

Another Indian Denim brand by Arvind fashion Ltd. Flying machine is one of India’s leading clothing company.

Without their designs and quality of jeans flying machine is get the attention of youth as their jeans are decent in price with great quality. They have various t-shirts, joggers and jackets to pair their jeans to make the best outfit for your needs.

This brand is getting popular fastly all over India, because of their price and quality.

9. Spykar

Spykar Lifestyle is one of the fastest-growing Indian brand in the fashion industry. This brand is started in 1992 and Spykar is one of the oldest Indian fashion brands.

They also have a huge collection of jeans in every colour. I have tried their black jeans and the quality of their jeans is superb. My experience with their black jeans is awesome. The black colour is as still as new after 5 to 6 washes.

They have a huge collection of Polo, t-shirts also. So if you want to buy a full pair of suit. then you can give a look at their collection.

10. Killer Jeans

best and expensive jeans brand in India

Again an Indian Brand Killer jeans are started in 1989 when there are not so many brands of denim in India.

That time killer jeans owner thought to start a denim brand in India which Indian will wear and they will feel proud to wear that.

They have a wide variety of slim fit jeans, casual jeans and ripped jeans. Their collection is easily available on Myntra. Their jeans are not as cheap as of mufti and Spykar but their quality of denim is excellent.

11. Numero Uno

Numero Uno a brand which design and market their own denim. Known for their superb quality of denim this brand is started in 1987.

They offer a wide range of products like jeans, shirt, t-shirt and shoes that is why loved by the youth. Easily available on online sites like Flipkart, Myntra etc. You can check their collection easily.

12. Jack and Jones

Jack and Jones, a European brand serving the world since 1990. This brand mainly focuses on youngsters clothing.

Their denim is very popular all over the world. As they have every size for tall guys or for short guys with a lot of variety in jeans like skin fit, bottom fit and a lot more.

Youngsters or teens love to wear this brand as is so popular and the price is decent also. They have a wide range of accessories to pair with jeans or t-shirts.

They are easily available at nearby shops and online sites.

13. HRX

Hrx a brand by one of India’s most popular star Hritik Roshan. The brand main motive is to help people to get the best out of them.

It is mainly a fitness brand but their jeans collection is really amazing. Hrx main motive is to give the quality of premium brands at a decent price.

HRX mainly sells products which will be best for the youth’s choice. Hrithik Roshan who is considered as one of the most handsome brands in India Owns this brand. He has a lot of fashion sense and he helps his team of HRX also to deliver that sense of fashion into his own brand.

This brand is Officially sold on Myntra by Hrx.

14. Youwecan

As its name suggests it is a brand by Yuvraj Singh. The brands main motive is to treat cancer patient through its profits from selling products.

This brand has a great range of products like jeans, t-shirts, shoes etc. They sell 2 colours of jeans that are blue or black. If you want to buy jeans in the colour blue or black you can check this brand as your money can give you jeans and some help to a cancer patient.

Their collection is easily online and offline.

15. Diesel

best jeans brand for classic jeans in india

A brand which is very popular in India, Diesel is a brand started in 1978 in Italy. There most popular range of cloths is their denim wear.

They have a different lineup for different people as diesel gold, diesel kid and lot more.

Their denim is in the premium segment as it is an Italian brand, everyone can’t afford their denim as they cost around 8000 for their starting line. If you want to buy diesel jeans then it is available on Flipkart.

But if you invested in their denim jeans then you will never feel your money got wasted. As they can last for years without any problem.

16. Being Human

Another brand by a superstar being human is a brand by Salman khan. Most of the profit of this brand goes to charity and foundation.

They have a wide range of clothing for men and women. They have a tagline “we love denim” as their jeans are long-lasting and full of comforts.

Their jeans are exclusively available on Myntra. You can identify being human jeans by their logo on the upper side of the left pocket.

17. Cobb

Another Italian brand Cobb. They are awarded the title best apparel brand 2017. One of the best jeans brand on this list.

The best part about cobb is their discount and schemes for clothes. As they have schemes like buy 1 get 3. It means you have to pay for one product and you will get three.

Cob present new deign in their every product in 15 days. If you want to check out Cobb fashion then visit Cobb’s site or they have 200+ stores in India.

18. Wrangler

Wrangler, again one of the oldest brand in the world in denim. They are known for their simplicity and wide range of products.

They have a wide variety of jeans like straight, bootcut and tapered with different quality of cloth according to your need like denim from Paris or stonewashed cloth etc.

19. H&M

best brand for jeans in india

H&M, a brand known by everyone in India. As it is such a popular brand started in 1947 as Hennes. H&m has a lot of retail outlets all over India.

No need to talk about their quality cloth as their popularity tells how much good and decent their denim is going to be. Their collection is available on also.

Their jeans price are also decent as you can get it as cheap as 1500 bucks.

20. Armani Jeans

Armani, a luxury and stylish brand of jeans. Started in 1975 Armani’s products become symbols of richness and classiness.

Their jeans price from hundred to thousand’s of dollars or lakhs of rupees. They have a lot of other products also.

Their jeans show classiness and simplicity of a person with a little richness by Armani logo.

You can get their jeans easily at nearby stores.

21. Tommy Helfiger

best premium jeans brand in india

The last but not the least brand in our list is Tommy. Another luxury and premium brand Tommy is founded in 1951 by Jacob Hilfiger. The quality of this brand is unmatched.

No brand in this list can compete with Tommy’ quality as it is one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world. They have a variety of colours for every size whether you are tall or short.

Do not buy Tommy’s cloth from local shops as they can be duplicated and you can face the loss of hundreds of bucks.

So this was our list of best jeans brands for men in India. But before ending the article we will tell brands of jeans according to your requirement.

Best Premium brand in this list:- Tommy, Armani

Best Affordable brand in this list:- Cobb, H&M

Top Indian Brand in this list:- Mufti, youwecan, killer jeans

So this is the end of our article. If you liked our article then please share this on social media with your friends and if you have any query then comment down below and we will give our best to solve your problem.

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