Best Shoe Brands for Men in India(Featuring Top Brands 2020)

Best Shoe Brands for Men in India

Footwear is the most important part of dressing as it takes your looks to the next level whether you are wearing a suit or wearing denim and t-shirt shoes plays the most important part. Today we are going to discuss some of the best shoe brands for men in India that really delivers the best value in the market.

Shoe weather they are leather or loafers should be pair properly to get best out of the outfit. As pairing suits with sports shoes makes no sense. So always pair shoes suitable for the outfit. Secondly, one should always care about his shoes as they can look like new every time.

Before we get started to the topic of best shoe brands for men in India firstly, we should discuss things to consider before buying shoes.

Things to Consider Before Buying Branded Shoes:-

  • Buy shoes from Authorised seller:- People do a mistake that they buy shoes from local shops which are not authorized by brands. These shops can sell you duplicate shoes which will look as same as the original one. So always be aware and buy shoes only from an authorised seller.

  • Check the soul of shoes:- Buy shoes which have a light soul because they can be more comfortable for your feet and you can spend more time with shoes. As if you are jogging or running you will not feel any difficulty with shoes.

  • Buy shoes with colour that can pair more outfits:- This is the mistake most men’s do that they buy shoes which can pair with their current outfit. One should always buy shoes which can suit most outfits like black and brown leather shoes or loafers can be combined with any outfit as they are universal colours. So always be careful while buying any type of shoes whether they are leather shoes, sports shoes or loafers.

Now we are going to discuss the best shoe brands for men in India that deliver perfect value for money shoes.

Best Shoe Brands for Men in India

1. Woodland

best shoes for trekking for men

When we think about leather shoes, boots or shoes for tracking the first brand that came in our mind is woodland because of their quality they deliver to their customer. Aero group is the owner of Woodland brand.

Woodland launched their products in India in 1992. They have an extensive variety of shoes include leather shoes, boots. This brand does not produce funky shoes like red or different colour shoes as it is a casual brand which only produces casual products.

Woodland stores are growing at a rate of 25% to 30% per year. The most popular shoe of the woodland company is G-0092 which is the first shoe launched by the company in the Indian market.

The only demerit about woodland is that their shoes range is on a little more expensive side which most Indian cant afford. But if make a one-time investment on these shoes then they can last at least 6 to 7 years because these of there built quality.

2. Adidas

Another popular and most reliable brand of shoes is Adidas. This brands earns the trust of millions of customers by their quality. Adidas has a lot of variety of shoes include sneakers, shorts shoes and flip-flops.

Adidas was founded in Germany. It is second most popular sportswear brand in the world.

They have a wide variety of shoes for sports like sports shoes for cricket, sports shoes for football and different shoes for different sports. One of the most popular shoes in teenagers are their Yeezy white sneakers.

Adidas is a brand for teens and sportsmen who want their looks to be more on a funkier side. You can get a good pair of Adidas shoes near 1500 rupees which is a decent price for such a popular brand.

3. Relaxo

 Affordable best shoes for men

If you want to buy branded shoes at an affordable price then this brand is for you. Relaxo is very popular in India because of their slippers but their shoes are also amazing. Relaxo is an Indian brand mainly based in New Delhi. Dua brothers have started this brand to expand their father’s business.

When talking about comfortability as their name suggests their shoes are among the most comfortable shoes. They have a wide variety of shoes include loafers, sports shoes, joggers, sneakers and a lot more.

If you want to buy Relaxo shoes then only buy from their sellers, not from local shops as they can sell duplicate products to you.

4. Nike

best shoe brand for sports

Nike is the most popular sports brand in the world. This brand produces a lot of variety of shoes like jordans, sneakers, different sports shoes for different sports, lifestyle shoes.

The most amazing part of Nike shoes that you can customize and make your own shoes made by Nike. You just have to visit their site and you will see an option for customizing shoe.

The only demerit of Nike is that their shoes are really very expensive which are out of budget for most of Indians.

But if you are ready to invest in a good quality that will last for years then you can go for Nike shoes.

5. Red Chief

Another popular Indian footwear named as Red Chief. Red Chief is well known in the Indian market. As it is one of the leading footwear brands since 1998.

Red chief is very well known in the footwear market. because of their adorable leather products. The company mainly deals in leather shoes, slip-on and simple shoes.

They also have amazing cloth and acceries collection include belts, wallets etc.

6. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper is an English brand well known for their denims and clothing collection. But their shoes collection is also amazing.

Lee Cooper Manufacturers every type of shoes like leather shoes, flip on, sports shoes, sneakers, loafers and a lot more.

Lee Cooper shoes are very easily available in the market in their showrooms.

7. Reebok

One of the oldest brands in the fitness industry, yes we are talking about Reebok. Reebok is an American bases sports brand mainly popular for their sports shoes, sneakers, flip-on etc.

Reebok is very popular in the Indian market. As they hold nearly 45% of the Indian market and become one of the most selling footwear brands in India.

In 2005 Adidas acquired Reebok. Reebok shoes are one of the best shoes in the Indian market as their quality is very superior and prices are also affordable.

Most popular shoes of Reebok in the Indian market are their sports shoe.If you want to checkout Reebok shoes then you can also buy them online.

8. Bata

Again talking about one of the oldest footwear brands in India that is Bata. This is one of the most popular brands in 19’ts. Our grandparents have also used bats products.

They have a wide variety of shoes like Sneakers, leather shoes, lace-ups etc. Bata is known for their built quality of shoes in the market. Their+ shoes casn be used for years without any problem.

They also have sub-brand like hush-puppies, power and North star. You can also buy Bata shoes online.

9. Action ( best value for money shoe brand for men)

Action school shoes are very popular in the Indian market. But they also have a wide range of other shoes like leather shoes and sports shoes.

Action is now serving India with great footwear products for more than 40 years and they are producing 100000 pairs per day because of their superior quality.

They also have a wide range of other shoes like leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes etc and their shoes are also pocket friendly as anyone can buy their shoes.

You can get action decent shoes near 500 to 600 bucks that’s why this is one of the best brand deals in this list.

10. Puma

One of the most popular brands in youngsters. Puma is a German-based company and world’s third-largest sports manufacturer company after Nike and Adidas. Puma is mainly known for their sports and casual shoes.

They are known for their superb quality. Puma is earning billion just by selling their shoes.

You can pair a good outfit by just visiting Puma store. As they also deal in denims, t-shirts and denim jackets. Their cloth quality are as best as their shoe quality.

If you want to buy Puma shoes you can directly visit their site and visit nearby stores to buy dashing pair of cloths and shoes.

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11. Zara

You must be thinking that Zara is a clothing brand so how in best shoe brands for men’s list?

But Zara also sell Amazing pair of shoes and they have great collection also. Zara mainly sells sneakers, loafers, leather boots and casual boots.

Zara shoes are really amazing as their Quality is very superior as other brand , in addition, their collection is really trendy. As Zara is a fashion brand. so they make their shoes according to latest trend in the market.

Zara shoes collection is available on their Indian site also.

12. Gucci ( Most Expensive shoe brand in this list)

One of the most premium brand in the world Gucci is another option in the list of best shoe brands for men in India

Gucci has an amazing collection of leather loafers, sneakers and casuals. But mainly Gucci’s loafers are most popular as you can see its pic below.

These Gucci loafers are very expensive. But if you want to buy a very premium shoe pair then these can a good deal for you.

13. Red Tape

This is an Another Indian Footwear brand which is touching heights nowadays. Red tape gets into the market in 2006 and never looked back. Rashid Ahmed Mirza is the CEO and CMD of Mirza International Ltd. who manages Red tape.

Their Bond street shoes and Ozark shoes are really stylish and durable. Red tape also has amazing sports, casual and Canvas shoes.

14. H&M

Another Clothing brand that has an amazing collection of shoes. H&M doesn’t have a lot of collection. Their collection is small but all the pairs of H&M shoes are great and lightweight.

H&M has amazing sports shoes, leather loafers and trainers specially designed for men’s comfort.

H&M shoes are available on their site also.

15. Fila

best shoe brand for treny shoes

Fila is a Korea based brand known their great trendy shoes. Mainly Fila is an Italian brand but it was bought by a Korean company in 2005.

Fila’s shoes are very trendy and stylish. Fila is a brand which is only for youngsters as they only sell casual shoes.

There shoes are really amazing for teens who want to standout in their class or group.

16. Tommy – Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an American based company mainly known for their clothing and shoe collection.

Like Gucci, the most popular range of shoes is their leather loafers. As they are best in class from Tommy. They also have a great collection of trainers, sneakers etc.

If you want to invest in a good quality loafers then Tommy’s loafers can be a great deal for you. You can get Tommy’s loafers for near around 4000 to 5000 rupees.

17. Paragon

Paragon is an other Indian brand started in 1975 . They started their brand by selling men’s slippers and sandals. After that they started selling leather shoes.

If you want to buy an vegan leather shoes by an Indian brand you can check paragon’s range of leather shoes. They have a lot of exclusive range of loafers and sports shoes also.

Paragon is also offering 10% to their first user who order from their site upto Rupees 500.

18. Liberty

best shoe for comfort, cheap branded shoes

The last brand in our list of Best shoe brands for men’s list is liberty. Liberty’s collection of shoes mainly sports shoes with non-lases type. Mainly you want to buy shoes without lases you can check this brand.

They also have shoes with lases and but a very limited collection. But they have a wide range of sports shoes without lases.

Their shoes are also available on their online website. The only thing bad thing about liberty is they have very limited offline stores.

So this was our article on best shoe brands for men in India. Now there will be a confusion to some people that why should we buy brands shoes in place of non branded shoes. So the answer to that question is given below:-

Why Should we buy branded shoes rather than non-branded shoes?

There is a simple answer behind this question. Branded shoes are far better in terms of comfort and style. They have experince of years on how shoes should be made to fulfill person’s comfort level.

Whereas non branded shoes are very cheap in quality. Thei soul of the shoe is not very durable and is very heavy. According to various doctors if soul of the shoes are not well balaned theyb can create serious problems to a person’s feet.

Secondly, if you cannot afford branded shoes from high brand there are a lot of Indian brands which are as affordable as non branded shoes like Action shoes, liberty etc. So if we are getting branded shoes at the price of non branded shoes. we should buy non-branded shoes.

So this the end of you our article on our topic best shoe brands for men in India. If you have any confusion in your mind you can ask in the comment section.

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